Travel Awards

Deadline April 3rd, 2017! 

The KU Postdoctoral Association (KUPA) offers travel awards, made possible by the KU Office of Research, to reimburse postdocs for up to $500 for the cost of attending professional meetings or other career development events. Travel may be for any time in the calendar year following announcement of the award winners.

Application requirements and Instructions:

Please note that training on ethics and responsible conduct is required to be eligible for a Travel Award.  Below is an option that fulfills this requirement.*

Ethics Seminar with Susan MacNally

Date: Friday January 20th, 2017
Time: 12 pm – 1 pm
Location: Nichols Hall, Room 129

One of the great things that we are able to do every spring is to sponsor travel awards. In order to be eligible, we require training in the responsible conduct of research.  Although proof of training can consist of a memorandum from your PI or department, we’ve also initiated an ethics seminar that will count toward eligibility. We’re happy to welcome Susan MacNally, Director of Research Integrity.

*If you did not attend the Ethics seminar offered by KUPA, a letter from your PI confirming training will suffice.