Welcome to the KU Postdoctoral Association!

Our goals:

  • Improve postdoctoral training on the KU campuses by developing a variety of professional development activities.
  • Promote a community of postdocs on campus that will lead to fruitful interdisciplinary collaboimgresrations and help raise the national profile of the KU research community.
  • Ensure that opportunities at KU are open to all postdocs regardless of demographics.



Officers Fall 2016

President and treasurer:                       Huili Yao, Ph.D

Vice-president:                                           Rita-Marie T. McFadden, Ph.D

Humanities officer:                                  Andrew Lison, Ph.D

Diversity and Equity Leader:              Lorne Jordan, Ph.D

Diversity and Equity Officer:             Pinakin Sukthankar, Ph.D

KU Biodiversity Institute liaison:   Alana Alexander, Ph.D

International postdoc officer:          Pradip Maity, Ph.D

KUPA officer, website:                          Jessica Torres, Ph.D

Public Outreach officer:                       Cynthia Siew, Ph.D candidate

Graduate student representative  Kaila Colyott, Ph.D candidate

Faculty Advisor:                                       Professor Mario Rivera, Ph.D 

Support:                                                        KU Office of Research

Contact:                                                        KUpostdocs@gmail.com


KU Postdoctoral Advisory Committee

Rodolfo Torres, Office of Research

Mary Lee Hummert, Faculty Development

Damon Talbott, Office of Graduate Studies

Mike Rounds, HR Management

Saida Bonifield, Diversity and Equity

David Gaston, University Career Center

Dan Hirmas, Center for Teaching Excellence faculty fellow